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Helsinki Jugendstil -Art Nouveau. Promenades

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Helsinki is an outstanding Jugendstil-Art nouveau city. Set in a beautiful northern archipelago, its centre – 2 kilometres across – is a joy to discover by promenades. Here the "new style" masterpieces are revealed by maps and exquisite pencil drawings by the author, capturing summer light and life today; including rare interior views. For the connoisseur and lover of the city, this cretion of the Golden Age of Finnish Art, is now portrayed. A city of romantic quarters, castles in the air, towers, villas, artistic homes, and the birth of modernism.

Jonathan Moorhouse, an English architect, has lived in Helsinki since 1963. In 1987 he was the principal author of the book Helsinki Jugendstil Architecture 1895–1915. In 1996 he wrote and illustrated the book Helsinki, The City. A Persolal Guide and Drawings.

Third edition 2012

ISBN: 978-951-608-091-1

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Tekijä: Moorhouse, Jonathan

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